Are you searching for a job and need a litte push in the right direction?
Come join the CV-clinic and Mock interview in Luckan! 23.3 kl. 10 – 12 och 13.4 kl. 10-12
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CV clinic at 10 – 12 am
In the CV clinic you get the opportunity to create a professional CV. You will get guidance on how to write a great CV
by Tony Khalil from Luckan. He also gives advice on important facts to have in your CV and helps you to update it if
needed before meeting your potential employer.

Mock interview at 10 – 12 am
Are looking for a job and have recently sent in a job application to a company or
an organization? In the mock interview you have the possibility to practice for the
job interview. The mock interview is also known as practice interview and it is a
simulation of an actual job interview.

How it works: In this simulated interview situation the counsellor will ask you
common questions asked during an interview.
Afterwards you will get feedback on how it went and some good tips for
future job interviews. (If you don´t have a ongoing application for a job right now you can have
the mock interview according to job advertisement that can be found in Luckan.)